notes for players

Miscellaneous information about the usage of the BNWCS:
  • Critical Hits and Headshots
    Sometimes, when you are hit, a "ding" will play, and the words "Critical Hit" will float upwards from your avatar. This means that you've had the unfortunate pleasure of receiving four times as much damage as you normally would. If "Headshot!" is also announced, then you have taken 8 times as much damage as you normally would from that hit. Combat zone owners can adjust headshot damage - check "/8 settings" to see what the multiplier is.
  • Damage
    An object must be moving at least 15 meters/second in SL in order for the BNWCS to count is as a "hit."
  • Falls
    If you fall and hit something with any significant velocity, you will take damage. Flying into things will also damage you.
  • Skulls
    Unless the combat zone owner has disabled it, when you kill another player, their skull will pop out, imprinted with your name, their name, and their time of death. You may click the skull and purchase it for L$0 if you want to have a souvenir of your kill. Once you purchase the skull, you will need to take the skull to your inventory. If you do not, it will delete itself 5 minutes later.
  • Optional Combat Zone Components
    If the owner of whichever area you are fighting in has chosen, there may be one or more "Respawn Points" or "Health Packs" around. When you die, if there is a respawn point, your BNWCS will rez a teleporter to take you to the respawn point, and restore you to "combative" mode only once you arrive back at the respawn point.

    If the owner of the combat area has placed BNWCS "health packs," you can recover lost health by running into one. The amount of health recovered can vary - maybe the owner will have marked it, or maybe you'll be surprised by how much health you recover.

    If "/8 settings" says "Medic Ability: ON," then YOU may choose to revive other dead players, bringing them back to life where they stand instead of back at their respawn point. To do this, stand next to the dead avatar, exit mouselook, and hold down the "C" or "Page Down" key. The dead avatar's BNWCS will inform you of your progress towards reviving them; once they are back to half of their maximum HP, they will come back to life (but only with half HP!)
  • Capture the Flag
    Capture the Flag is another optional combat zone component. If you see some flag with "BNWCS" on them, you'll know the combat zone owner has set up capture the flag. Here's quick overview of how to play:

    1. Choose a team.
    2. Find the "BNWCS Flag Drop" marker for your team.
    3. Find the "BNWCS Flag Drop" marker for another team.
    4. Run to another team's flag drop, and run into their flag.
    5. That flag will follow you as you run back to your flag drop.
    6. Stand on your flag drop with an enemy team's flag to score a capture for your team.
    7. The flag will show you the current team scores, and the # of captures required to win.

Last updated Feb 18, 2010

0: Loading
1: Non-combative
2: Combative
3: Dead

None, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink

headshot, multi_kill, killing_spree
This is a list of all the avatar's statistics and ranking information for the current sim, in stat=value format.

You would probably want to split this string at an ampersand (&) character, then split each of THOSE pieces at an equals sign (=).

The statistics are identified by shortened names in lower-case, as follows:

rtg: Rating
k: Kills
d: Deaths
a: Assists
kpd: Kills per Death
m: Longest Life
p: Total Playtime
r: Revived
hl: Healed
s: Sniped
hd: Headshots
mk: Multikills
ks: Killing Sprees
rnk: Rank
This is a list of all of the sim's settings, as provided by the "BNWCS Combat Zone Custom Settings Server" object.

You would probably want to split this string at an ampersand (&) character, then split each of THOSE pieces at an equals sign (=).

More information about all the different settings you will encounter in this string can be found at

KPD (Kills per Death)
Maxlife (Longest Life)
Playtime (Total Playtime)
Sprees (Killing Sprees)