notes for developers

Miscellaneous information about the workings of the BNWCS:
  • AoE/Splash Damage Die-off
    Most bullets call llDie(); immediately upon impact, or at least in very short order after colliding with something. This is fine for bullets, however, the object that is causing BNWCS splash damage must "stick around" for a second or to for the affected Avatars' BNWCS to register the hit - a simple llSleep(1) or llSetTimerEvent(1) before dying off should be sufficient. Maybe a 2 to be safe in high lag.
  • Damage
    Objects must be moving at least 15 meters per second to damage the BNWCS. Damage is based off of object projectile velocity and projectile mass.
  • Melee Weapons
    The way the example BNWCS Melee weapons work, the damage prims sometimes collide with their owner. This would damage them with the strength of the hit, but does not, because:

    1. The melee damage prims do not llDie() instantly, so the BNWCS can detect their mass.
    2. Objects that are owned by the BNWCS they collide with will not cause damage if they are both MOVING, and have MASS.
    These are merely examples, and illustrate one way that melee damage can be achieved, and one feature you as a developer can use to your advantage in designing weapons. There may be other ways, and if you find one that works better, Matthias Rozensztok would love to hear about it!
  • Falls
    Fall damage is based on avatar velocity - if you hit something stationary at more than 10 meters/second, you will take damage.

Last updated Feb 18, 2010

0: Loading
1: Non-combative
2: Combative
3: Dead

None, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink

headshot, multi_kill, killing_spree
This is a list of all the avatar's statistics and ranking information for the current sim, in stat=value format.

You would probably want to split this string at an ampersand (&) character, then split each of THOSE pieces at an equals sign (=).

The statistics are identified by shortened names in lower-case, as follows:

rtg: Rating
k: Kills
d: Deaths
a: Assists
kpd: Kills per Death
m: Longest Life
p: Total Playtime
r: Revived
hl: Healed
s: Sniped
hd: Headshots
mk: Multikills
ks: Killing Sprees
rnk: Rank
This is a list of all of the sim's settings, as provided by the "BNWCS Combat Zone Custom Settings Server" object.

You would probably want to split this string at an ampersand (&) character, then split each of THOSE pieces at an equals sign (=).

More information about all the different settings you will encounter in this string can be found at

KPD (Kills per Death)
Maxlife (Longest Life)
Playtime (Total Playtime)
Sprees (Killing Sprees)